About Us

Welcome to Lal Mirch. We invite you to come and enjoy the Best Traditional Indian Cuisine presented in an Elegant and Casual Atmosphere. We want to bring you the very best traditional great tasting Indian food that is second to none. Our spices are imported directly from India to preserve the quality and freshness you can taste. If you are a VEGETARIAN, then a warm welcome is extended to you with our comprehensive vegetarian menu.

Lal Mirch means red chili, one of the many spices used in Indian cooking. The role of spices and herbs goes beyond just cooking and great taste. Our chef has learnt to use this knowledge and weave them into our dishes. Ginger prevents dyspepsia, garlic reduces cholesterol and hypertension and fenugreek is a good resistance builder and with pepper often serve as antihistamines, turmeric is used for stomach ulcers and for glow of the skin.

All dishes are made to order. You can choose from mild, medium, or hot for levels of spice and our chef will prepare each dish individually to ensure freshness, quality and your satisfaction.

Lal Mirch Restaurant is conveniently located in Studio City near the Universal Studios. The elegantly appointed dining area with inviting ambiance is the perfect place to begin your meal with delicious Indian appetizers, like Somosa, meat or vegetable turnovers stuffed with ground beef or mixed vegetable. The appetizers, traditional lentil soup, and naan breads are the perfect prelude to dinner. We invite you to come and enjoy our traditional Tandoori (clay oven) and curry dishes. We hope to see you soon.

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